Kayak Daytripping in Morro Bay

Seasonal Sunday

I know.  I get it.  We are totally spoiled.

How else could I explain my posting about kayaking as a favorite weekend activity for Seasonal Sunday?  It is pretty rad living where I am minutes away from trails and great kayaking adventures.  Beach days are my favorite, but having a chance to explore from a kayak is the best this time of year…and basically, year round.  I love how it gives you a fresh perspective on our coastlines and wildlife.  The bonus perk is some decent cardio when pushing against the current…that is if you do not let your 8 year old daughter do most of the paddling while you are busy snapping pix with your iPhone (yep, totally outing myself).


There are so many cool areas to paddle in San Luis Obispo County, but I adore Morro Bay with it’s smooth harbor.  It is the perfect amount of adventure if you are taking the kiddos.  The key is to keep your eyes sharp.  There is so much wild life here, that you have to keep a look out.  On this last trip, we saw a dolphin pod and sting rays….along with a myriad of bird species.  Actually, if you are into bird watching at all, this is a special place thanks to the bird preservation areas along the coast.


Morro Rock, the quintessential view of Morro Bay!  Awfully breathtaking from this vantage point, for sure!

And this tree line below is another favorite of mine.  If you gaze up into the eucalyptus as you paddle by, you will see the large nests of the herons perching at the tippy tops.  However, the coolest view is when the comorants are in great number in the branches, stretching out their wings together like a great big synchronized ballet.  So, beautiful with their jet black bodies against the crystal blue sky!


Yep, I am that mom who watched her daughter in admiration as she paddled and steered for hours.  At one point, some captain spotted us and tried to tattle on me to Evangeline.  He was pretty tickled pink to see such a tiny thing power-housing a kayak through the water…ummm while her mom was too busy to paddle.  Sorry, but it was just too dang cute to not take a million photos!!


Conall and his grammy were a powerhouse team.  It was so much fun to race each other around the bay while we explored.


Happy day!  Time to stop in at Bayside Cafe for a little treat.

I loved my kids’ reaction to the size of their desserts.  They kinda freaked out (as did I a tad, in truth).


Mom and I decided to reward our efforts with some red wine and a bit of flourless chocolate torte.  Nom nom!


All in all, a wonderful way to spend the day.  Nothing like fresh air, wildlife, family time and a bit of exercise.

Seriously, so good!!



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