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Sam and I are so completely stoked about Journeyman International and what they are doing in the world!  We are so stoked that we decided to support their efforts with our event, KnotCrashers.  Check out that they do and why we can totally get behind what their efforts.  We get those kind of smiles that make your cheeks cramp when we think that we are helping them through the glamorous wedding industry.  So cool!

We are about giving back and creating healthy marriages and ultimately communities– so with that we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Journeyman International for the Crash! Ticket proceeds will go towards empowering others across the world through Journeyman International (JI). Buy your ticket HERE.

Get to know them a bit more…

What does Journeyman International do? They are a local non-profit focused on human-centered design.

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“This year, 6,350 students will graduate with architecture degrees from universities across the country. If these students dedicated university studio hours to humanitarian design projects, 6,858,000 hours would be dedicated to designing solutions to the greatest challenges facing our world.

By partnering student designers with local and global humanitarian organizations, JI provides sustainable design and construction methods to communities who need it most. We invest in the next generation of socially minded architects, engineers, and construction managers by addressing and anticipating the ecological, economic and social issues shaping the built environment today and tomorrow. Because if we want a better world, we have to build one.”

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Their impact so far?

76 Thousand Miles have been traveled to various sites around the world

31 Students who have participated in design

12 Designs that have been completed to date

3 Projects that have been completed to date

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Why Journeyman International & KnotCrasher’s you might ask?

For this Crash we selected Journeyman International for their commitment to encouraging sustainable design, building practices, and community focus. Yes, we are about encouraging strong marriages and a solid community of wedding professions, but we are also passionate about helping the greater global “community” at large. Not to mention we are great friends with the President Daniel Wiens and they are overall wonderful people!!

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Check out the short video below to hear more about Journeyman’s mission and exciting impacts that have been made on communities and the student’s lives.

To learn more about JI and see more amazing photos and projects check out!


Chanda & Sam

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