It’s Crazy Easy to Make Colored Furniture Wax for Less!

Find & Fix it Friday:

If you have been following the Zest it Up blog for any length of time, you probably know that Sam and I have had a long term love affair with soft furniture wax.


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The love began with a can of some super hoity-toity mahogany colored french furniture wax (I mean the entire can was written in french and was super expensive at an antique store in Carmel, CA).  The stuff was gorgeous!  We used it on project after project until we were literally scraping out every last morsel of wax.  Then, we discovered Annie Sloan’s Furniture Wax.  Oh vey, the stuff was expensive….but it was so fabulous that we decided to look the other way when it came to the price tag.

Well, to be expected, we ran out of our stock….and the way that Sam and I do projects (aka spontaneous and frequent), we were going to need some more STAT.  Much to my pleasure, I happened upon an intriguing idea courtesy of .

DIYTintedFurnWax-325x1024Could it be so?  Could I actually transform an inexpensive furniture wax from Miners into something spectacular??!?

We simply HAD to try it out.  It was so simple.  One part paint or stain or shoe polish, to three parts natural furniture wax!


Now, for the true test.  I grabbed a wooden birdcage painted in a soft cream colored paint.  Time to add some texture.


Ok, I think I am a believer….and I am going to save a TON of $$$$$$$!!!!


Oh happy day!  This is such a fun discovery!!  Thanks, Denise (over at for the fantastic hint.  I love that I just busted out my own wax with stuff that I already had in the garage.  Guess I will not be wasting time locating an Annie Sloan distributor anymore.  Tee-hee.



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