Inexpensive DIY Loom

We had so much fun at our Weaving Workshop this past weekend! It was enchanting listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof as we played with yarn and made new friends. Three cheers for community and sweet experiences!
I loved how easy our looms turned out to work on. As die-hard thrifty girls, we could not bring ourselves to spend buckets of money on fancy looms when a simple DIY would get the job done. Since weaving is such a magical pastime during these spring rains, we figured that you might like to know how to make your own loom. Give it a try and possibly become addicted to a new craft!

one 2″ X 2″ pine board (at least 2 feet long)
wood glue
Note: If you do not have access to a saw, you can ask the hardware store to make the cuts for you!

Cut List:
2 pieces at 6″ long
1 piece at 10″ long

Start by hammering in nails a 1/2″ apart on your 6″ lengths of 2″X2″ boards. It’s easier than once it’s assembled and wobbly. (You will be using a total of 11 nails on each end when done.)

Just make sure to omit nails in the direct center as you can see above. Use some wood glue on the ends of your 10″ length of 2″X2″ board. Make a “T” with your 6″ board and hammer into place.

Once you have driven two nails diagonally down through both the 6″ board center and the end of the 10″ board, you can finish running the nails across the midsection so that you have a total of 11 nails at 1/2″ apart. Repeat on the other end of the 10″ board for a completed loom. Once the wood glue is dry, you are ready to weave!

You can see our simple little looms at work in our last gathering. So much fun!

If you are local, keep an eye out for our next Weaving Workshop. In the meantime, we will try to develop a decent weaving tutorial…for all of you who are too far to join us at the Zest Studio for a cup of tea, snacks, and camaraderie!

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