Inexpensive DIY Dried Willow Ball Centerpiece

Thrifty Thursday

Calling all brides!  Obviously, lush florals are a shoe-in for knocking peoples socks off when decorating a table.  Who doesn’t love the sight of decadent peonies and roses intermingled with voluptuous hydrangeas and foliage.  Let’s be real, we have all pinned a thousand dreamy arrangements when planning our wedding or bash.  They represent our “perfect world” in the planning and designing process.  Those extravagant pins are what help us to set the tone of our celebration, choose a color scheme, and well….quite simply dream!  They are gorgeous, but often out of budget for so many.

No worries, a little creativity and a bit of DIY investment of your time, and a beautiful tablescape is achievable for any budget.  There are hundreds of options and directions to take, but if you have access to willow branches, it is time to grab some clippers.

tree stick nests_0000


fresh willow branches (curly or regular)

fine gauge wire


small candle

floral buds

tree stick nests_0001

Strip clippings of willow branches free of leaves.

tree stick nests_0002

Then cut them into workable lengths and start winding them into circles.

tree stick nests_0003

Begin layering the circles together to make a sphere shape.  Take your time and play until you like your shape.  Remember to not get frustrated y’all!  It isn’t meant to be perfect.  Just secure things here and there with the wire.

tree stick nests_0004

Once you have the shape you like, set your sphere aside to dry.  As the willow branches dry, they will begin to become rigid and dark brown.  (Note, if you like them green, you can use them fresh…no sweat).

tree stick nests_0000

Once they are all dry, it’s time to play.  A little floater candle and some flower buds turned these two willow balls into a very sweet centerpiece.  So precious!


Cheers to getting crafty and not letting a budget get in the way of beauty and good design!



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