How to teach toddlers to sew

Sam here, as many of you know I have not dove into the joyous adventure of having kids yet- eventually….soon….but nope not yet. With that though it doesn’t mean I can’t support the kids crafting realm- after all doing crafts as a kids was one of my all time favorite things! From school dioramas to making my own jewelry and taking painting classes- I loved to zest at a young age. But is it really ever too young to get crafty? I think not! This is a great little craft to help teach those little ones some important hand and eye coordination, help with motor skills and keep em busy in the car- ha! Want to teach the little one the sewing 101 basics, but not involve a needle? Here we go!



Balsa Wood

Shoe laces



Skill saw

kids wood string craft_0000

Start by measuring out your wood into equal sections, I was able to fit three 8″ sections with my piece of wood….kids wood string craft_0001

Next cut your wood! Hubby was home so he insisted on helping cut- gotta love teamwork! kids wood string craft_0002

The edges were a bit rough so I gave them a quick sand….

kids wood string craft_0004

Now time to doodle! Get creative, what does your kiddos love? Stars? hearts? Rainbows? Bugs? Trees? So many fun choices!

If your kids are extra crafts you can even have them doodle their own- or another idea, paint your wood with chalk paint and they can constantly switch up their scenes….
kids wood string craft_0005

After you have drawn out your picture and figured out where you want your holes to be placed, start drilling!kids wood string craft_0006kids wood string craft_0007

I am not going to lie I was a little bummed with how much the wood wanted to splinter, even after trying multiple size drills and different speeds the thin wood still wanted to splinter…

So with that I went back to the sander to make sure these suckers were kid proof!kids wood string craft_0009

Now it’s time to weave (this is where the sewing lesson comes into play). Have kids pick their shoe lace color, knot one end and they can start the practice of up and down, in and out!kids wood string craft_0010kids wood string craft_0011

I added a few more finishing touches with sharpie- just for fun!kids wood string craft_0012

And there you have it! Three scenes ready for a kiddo to sew- now I just need the kid? haha Thankfully I am an “auntie”to some cuties I know who would love these!kids wood string craft_0013

Happy Sewing zesters!



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