How to Separate and Divide Aloe Plants

Thrifty Thursday

Spring is sprung for sure!  I am so ready to squander every free moment in the garden, with the sun warming my back as I play in the dirt.  Honestly, just seeing my wisteria and Japanese maple begin to unfurl their leaves has me jumping for joy.  This time of year is simply magical.

The jobs to be done are numerous when the sun begins to warm up the garden, but repotting is pretty high on my list, especially with my numerous aloe plants.  For the last 3 1/2 decades, I have been using aloe as my go-to for healing wounds, sunburns and now for digestive and immune support.  I guess you can say that I freaking love the stuff.  The thrifty girl in me is super happy that these beauties are so easy to divide and multiply.  Can we say “Yay!” for free plants!!

replanted aloe_0000

The official name for these little guys is “pups.”  Basically, they are the little babies that the mother plant produces at the base.  They look like miniatures of the main plant.

replanted aloe_0001

By gently separating them from the mother plant, you will see that they have their own, itty-bitty root system.  Most often, you can gently pull them away from the mother plant without having to cut it free.  If you do have to cut it, make sure you use a clean knife!  Also, it is important that these fledgling roots do not remain exposed to the air for too long, so make sure you have a new pot filled with clean potting soil ready for planting before you begin separating.

replanted aloe_0002replanted aloe_0003

Simply poke a hole in your soil and gently tamp the soil down around your aloe pup.

replanted aloe_0004replanted aloe_0005replanted aloe_0006

Yay for many more happy aloe plants!  I love free plants!!!  Bonus?  Gardening is my MAJOR stress-reliever (She says with a sigh).



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