How to Save Leather Cowboy Boots from Oil

A few months back we did a wedding I coordinated that was a  bit chilly and a bit rustic. AKA I was rocking’ Chanda’s comfy cowboy boots with a dress and busily working around the venue in style. All was well until I carried some delicious cheesy garlic dip to the bride and managed to drip some of the oil on Chanda’s boots- gasp!! Not the boot!!! Isn’t it the worst when you are borrowing clothes and manage to somehow make a boo boo?? Chanda being the dear she is brushed it off and simply suggested we oil her boots. I was up for the find n fix it!!


Yep so lame that one big drop of oil on the left!!


You can get the recipe steps for our homemade conditioner HERE but it’s 1 part natural beeswax to 4 parts of sunflower oil (or any other neutral vegetable oil).
stained_boots_cleaner_spoon_butter_0003Start rubbing the mixture onto your leather with a paper towel….I used circular motions to massage in….

As good as new!!


Time to go dancing’ {or coordinating}



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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