How to Rewire a Thrifted Lamp

It has been fun to take you along the ride of giving my old bedroom a make over 🙂 From the accent wall to the plant stand and art gallery- everything has been rolling along greatly! But it’s about time to keep things functional too with some light. What a better way than to grab a thrifted light that I snagged for $5 and give it some love!! I wanted to keep things looking retro and fun so I left the light as is and just made it function- what a concept. tee hee. I am no electrician, but apparently Chanda Panda is- she helped me out with rewiring the lamp with a kit I got from Home Depot. Check it out!!


Thrifted Lamp

Lamp Kit & Porcelain Socket Fixture (home depot)

Needle Nose Pliers

Step One: First you will want to disassemble the lamp, I laid everything out in the order I disassembled so I would remember the order for when it came time to put it back together. Next I opened up my porcelain socket fixture I bought.

rewired light_0000

Step Two: We unscrewed the screws on the porcelain fixture so there was room to wrap the wire from the lamp kitrewired light_0001

Step three: Next you will want to thread the cord through the lamp so the porcelain fixture will hang inside the lamp shade

rewired light_0002

Remember to check the order in which you disassembled! Importante!!

rewired light_0003

Step four: So we have the new porcelain socket threaded through the lamp shade and now we wrap the new cord wires around each screw, then tighten the screw down to hold the wires into place (finished product in pic below)rewired light_0004

Time to tighten things up to the top…rewired light_0005

And here is the top view…rewired light_0006

Meanwhile get the cord strung through the chain and attached the hook….rewired light_0007

Voila!rewired light_0008

Ready to screw the light bulb in?rewired light_0009

I snagged this cool jar cover at Restore for $2.00-love the retro look!refurb light_0000Screw your lightbulb in, then tighten the bolts around the lamp fixture to hold the glass…
refurb light_0002The end goal!refurb light_0003

Yay!!refurb light_0004Look at that beauty shining oh so bright! Happy Day for this little corner of my room!
refurb light_0006



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