How to Remove Hard Water Spots Naturally

I don’t know about you but as I start the new year off I feel like the “spring cleaning” bug came a little early. Not only am I purging the closet and kitchen drawers but I also cleaning! Not just cleaning, try to do a deep clean to the things I have not touched in quite awhile. You know what I am talking about? Amen! With that I am also trying to use more natural products around the house, not only can this be safer but also cheaper!! Chances are you have these items in your cabinet already!! So today we tackle hard water spots- can’t stand them! They are all over my shower door despite my attempt to squeegee them away every morning. (okay let’s be real I don’t shower everyday) 🙂 lol



White Vinegar

Baking Soda


Spray bottle

natural window cleaner_0000

Start by cutting your lemon in half and then pressing it face down in the baking soda so it will all stick to the lemon.

natural window cleaner_0001

See that hard water build up??natural window cleaner_0002

Start with a wet door…

natural window cleaner_0003

Next use the lemon half as if it were a sponge, scrub scrub scrub. You may need to re-press the lemon in the baking soda and also use the other lemon half. I was squeezing the lemon as I scrubbed too so that the lemon juice would add the moisture I needed and the acidity in the juice would do it’s job at eating away the hard water!

natural window cleaner_0004

Once I had enough of the lemon juice and baking soda on the actual door I came back and scrubbed with the rough side of a sponge. Did I mention this post is a gooooooood arm work out?? phew!

natural window cleaner_0005

Next I mixed one part water and one part vinegar together and sprayed on the door.

natural window cleaner_0006

Wipe and wipe some more! Make sure you do this a few times after it dries to get all the baking soda off the door- the first time it still seemed a bit cloudy so I even sprayed some more water on the door.

But before I knew it I had a gorgeous and clear shower door!! Hallelujah!!

natural window cleaner_0008

Victory is mine! Happy cleaning!!



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