How to plant seedlings in egg cartons

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We have definitely sprung into Spring mode over here in zest land- from giving our garden boxes a face lift, to creating fun garden tags– but now it’s time to talk plants! We are super excited to add some more variety to our little garden by planting some carrots and lettuce. Rather than planting our little seedlings in the big playbox and allowing the rain to plummet the new growth we are starting the seedlings inside. To keep things easy, cheap and sustainable we are planting in old egg cartons- score! No need to go out and buy new containers. Once the seedlings have a good root system established I can simply cut up the cardboard crate sections and plant the entire container since they are decomposable. Gotta love that!





Cardboard egg carton

Sharpie for labeling (optional)

planted seeds_0000

First detach your lid from the carton box and then fill with dirt.

planted seeds_0001planted seeds_0002planted seeds_0003

 Next sprinkle your seeds and water. You can use a sharpie to label what is going where on the middle dividers.

planted seeds_0004planted seeds_0005planted seeds_0006planted seeds_0007

To make less of a mess I placed the egg cartons on a cookie sheet and now I can pour water all over and really allow the water to soak in through the cardboard. Place near light!

planted seeds_0008

A few weeks later and look what we have here….

egg carton seeds_0001

Ahh so excited to watch them grow!



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