How to Make an Art Gallery

I know I have spilled the beans about my bedroom make over- my plant stand, my wall quote, and more- I’m just a tad excited about it 🙂 I love cleaning and organizing and let’s face it- purging, but I think what I love about this project most is making the space more like me and Billy. I wanted the room to be more open, light and airy. I also wanted the room to be a place that can grown and transform with us (and our growing family one day). So with that I added some more storage, got a bigger bed (yesss our dogs sleep with us- ba!), but also personalized the space more. I think one of the easiest ways to personalize a room is to add an art gallery. In my opinion the best art galleries are ones that balance images. A few of nature or a special memory? Maybe a family portrait or quote? Or how about a fun doodle? Let’s face it life is filled with eclectic memories so why not have your wall represent that? So here are my basic steps to creating your own art gallery….

bedroom renovation_0184

Step one: Get inspired and collect!! I took almost 3 weeks collecting frames from thrift stores and photos for my wall. I printed out pictures at Costco from our recent trip to the east coast. My mother in law gave me a cute card set with a black lab and Weiner dog….I made a quote to frame…you get the idea, all good things come in time.

Ideas- nature, trips you have been on, family, old dating pics, cartoon scribbles, ticket stubs, pets, quotes, leaves, fabric, maps, feathers,

Extra zest- mirror, frame, shape, clock, shelf, window frame, letter insignia, plate, horns, plaque, kets, chalkboard frame


Step two: Lay out your frames on the floor

bedroom re do_0000

Check out the Pinterest search here to get some layout ideas!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.38.11 PM

Step three: either go for it and begin hanging based off your layout OR you can trace each frame with kraft paper and do the layout on the wall. Then simply hammer nails into the spots, remove paper and hang frames. You can see the exact tutorial Here

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.33.51 PM

Step four: Enjoy!!

room re-do_0001

room re-do_0005room re-do_0004room re-do_0003



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