How to heal a sunburn with aloe plant

Seasonal Sunday

Meet the aloe plant. Sound familiar? Aloe juice? Aloe vera? Yep that cool poky plant is pretty darn awesome. Especially for when you spend a little too much time in the sun this summer…this seasonal sunday tip is definitely one you will want to file away.


Our dear brookie became a lobster so momma sam and chanda had to save her! You can buy an aloe plant for a few bucks from home depot, a nursery or even most grocery stores. Simply cut off an aloe stem and then slice open the leaf with a knife or scissors. See all that green goop? Perfection- slather it on the burn. (don’t worry the plant will keep growing)


This should be cool and soothing to the burn, just be sure you don’t poke the skin with the thorns on the plant. Within a day or two of doing this you should have relief AND save yourself from peeling like a lizzard. Score! Gotta love mother nature 🙂


Sweet relief….

Oh happy day!!



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