How to Fix a Bleach Spill on a Shirt

Are you as accident prone as me?  It can be pretty funny just how often I manage to bump, bruise, burn, trip or cut myself.  There is a bit of a running joke amongst our catering staff….something about a flame retardant suit and full length protective gear??  Honestly, Sam and I are always counting up our bruises and scars.  I think it is just due to our moving so fast.  We do not do much at half-mast…in fact, “scurrying” could be a defining verb for both of us.

Well, with that said….we are no better when it comes to cleaning.  We have a very basic hate/love relationship with bleach.  Love it because it makes things easy (especially when it comes to the Health Department), but hate it because we NEVER seem to walk away from using it without a splatter or spill that shows up on our clothes after using it.  It can be more than a little frustrating.  But, sometimes you have to make lemonade out of the lemons.  So, when on of my workout tops suffered its fate of being bleached during cleanup, I decided to fully embrace it!  Why not just go for it?


Grabbing a spray bottle filled with some bleach water, I laid the shirt out in the sun and sprayed away.


You will see the action happen fast, so you might not want to walk away.  I would hate for the fabric to be eaten away completely.  When you like the results, go ahead and give it a good rinse.


I love that my accident now looks like intentional design.


Loving that the kitchen did not claim my workout shirt!  I am ready to hit the gym!


Cheers to making lemonade outta those lemons!



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