How to Dye Tights with Kool-Aid

Ever watch the TV show Bewitched? Yep, you see where I am going with this- haha. It seems fitting for me to “live up to my name” and rock a bewitching costume for Halloween come this holiday.  But I must say I have never been the one to get into all the creepy and scary part of Halloween. I love dressing up- don’t get me wrong. But let’s face it, I’m a scaredy cat and overall just like to think happy thoughts. So with that, dressing up as a witch  isn’t the most natural for me. Here is my thrifty attempt- but keep in mind this trick can be used for any costume or holiday. The possibilities are as endless as the rainbow (or at least however many cool-aid flavors you can find).


Kool Aid

White Tights


koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0000

First boil your water, you will want to fill your pot with enough water to dunk the entire material in.

koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0001

Next add your Kool-Aid, the more you add the brighter the color!! I used almost the entire container. koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0002

Dunk away!koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0003

Use a spoon (not wooden, then there is less of a chance snagging the tights) to stir the tights. Make sure they are fully coated!koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0004

The tights will absorb the color immediately, make sure they look even in all areas (unless you are wanting them to be faded/marble looking)koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0005

Let them dry completely, an hour in the sun did the trick for me!koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0006

And now time to trick or treat!! I LOVE them, so fun!! Just think of all the fun colors you can make for each holiday- too cute!! Now I am really a bewitched Samantha 🙂 koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0007koolaid dyed halloween leggings_0008



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  1. Have you ever found that the colour from the koolaid has transferred to your legs if you’re in a particularly hot/sweaty environment (i.e. party)?

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