How to dye paper with beet juice

Ever noticed when you slice beets they stain your fingers?! Why not put that perfectly great and natural dye to use on some paper!! One of our brides back in December did this for her cranberry merlot winter wedding and I immediately fell in loveeee. Beet juice is the perfect shade for that deep red that is so hard to achieve! I bought some already roasted beets from the grocery store and got to work. Plus I love that I was able to eat the beets but save all the juice that juices out in the package, gotta love turning trash into treasure- aka the zesty way.

supplies shot

Beet Juice
Paper Towels
Blue Tape
Watercolor Paper

cut watercolor paper to size off your choice

First cut your watercolor paper into whatever project you are going to make….bookmark? place setting name card? gift tag? greeting card? You name it!!
Then use blue painters tape to create a pattern or fun design that will eventually be your white space.

tape off pattern on paper and dip into dye

Next dip your watercolor paper into the beet juice, submerge the paper on all areas that you want dyed. Then place on paper towel to let dry. If the dye puddles in one area, waive the paper to distribute dye evenly.

set dipped paper on paper towelpunch hole in gift tags
once dry peel off tapescribe name or fun quote

Once dry, peel back your tape and get to zesting! Hole punch those gift tags, scribe those letters!

gift tags that are beet dyedfinished table seating card

Happy dipping and dyeing!

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