How to Do Easy Fast Fishtail Milk Maid Braids

Growing up with three brothers and no sisters meant I didn’t have much sibling hair to play with. Sure there were the random instances were my brother had long Jesus hair during high school and let me braid his hair once- but let’s just say this wasn’t an everyday occurrence. Ha! So with that I quickly learned at a young age it was doll heads or my own. Well as a girl who want’s some gratification and loves to play dress up, I quickly learned to braid my own hair. In fact I would say I am better at french braiding my own hair rather than others- kinda odd huh? Anyways, today I am going to show you a quick up do that involves fishtail braids and resembling the milk maid. You okay with that? 🙂

Step one: part your hair down the center

fishtail up-do_0000

Step two: make a fish tail braid on each side, not sure how?

Separate the hair into two even sections, next grab a section of hair from just above your ear and cross over the top of that section you pulled from to combine the hair with the opposing section.
fishtail up-do_0002

Now for the other side, grab a section of hair and cross over the top of that section you pulled from to combine the hair with the opposing section.

fishtail up-do_0003

Keep doing this again…and again…and again….fishtail up-do_0004

(on both sides)

Next, after you tie off the end of the braid it’s time to “loosen” up your look by pulling apart the braid a bit. Simply grab both sides and gently tug to stretch the braid. fishtail up-do_0006

Time to tie those pig tails up! Take one braid and lay it across the crown of your head, pin with bobby pins to secure.

fishtail up-do_0008

Repeat on other braid and then spray to secure your do.

fishtail up-do_0009

There you have it! Fish tail Milk Braids!!fishtail up-do_0011

Such an easy way to get that hair off your neck and add some trendy flair to your hair day!!



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