How to display students work in classroom

It’s that back to school time and we are coming at you with some fresh ideas all this week to decorate your classroom or even home office. In case you missed our post Friday, we are busy zesting up Mrs. Miller’s English classroom this week! She wanted to create a space to show exemplary work in the classroom, a great way to boost kids confidence and reward them for a job well done! We took a few old thrift store frames and gave them a new life for this little classroom corner….

empty thrift store frames

To make all the frames cohesive and a little less eclectic we gave them a fresh coat of paint. You can paint with a sponge and get some texture or use a spray paint can outside.

sponge paint framespray paint frame

Once dry, I turned the frames over and began to spin my webs. Some of the frames already had staples in them still from their previous days as picture frames. I put these staples to use and thread string through the staples to create webs. If the frame didn’t have existing staples I simply used a staple gun to secure my string.

thread string through staples to create web

Once I was happy with my abstract string art I tied off the end and gave it a quick snip. Easy!
Some of the frames are “webs” while others I just strung across straight to create a “clothesline” look.

Next Chanda and I moved onto layout, we decided to hang the frames at an angle to take up more space and add some visual interest for display. A quick hammer and nails did the trick for securing these frames.

We scored some cute little mini clothespins and we were done!

Now all we need are some student’s work to show off how #proud we are!!

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