How to Cut a Mango

This may feel like a weird post, but I honestly get people asking me all the time about how to prep things in the kitchen. Mangoes are one of those fruits that can be a bit of a pain to dice up, but it is so amazing in smoothies, mango toast, and don’t even get me started on mango salsa! So, I figured I would share with you a trick to get at that juicy deliciousness without making a huge mess and wasting a ton of the fruit. Besides, it is just a dang fun way to cut it up…it kinda feels like you are playing with your food . 😉
First step is choosing and prepping your mango. Remember that when choosing your mangoes at the store, you want the skin to not be shriveled, and you want it to have a little give when you gently squeeze them (think like you do when checking avocados for ripeness).
Most important little bit of info when preparing your fresh mango is the importance of washing the outside of the fruit before cutting!!! Mangoes are strangely related to poison ivy. So, if any of the sap dried on the outside of the mango at picking time, you could be in for a not so fun surprise! Imagine a poison ivy rash all around your mouth for like a week! Seriously, wash them before cutting. I unfortunately learned this tidbit when my daughter, Evangeline, had a reaction…and I am more than happy to pass on the warning.

Slicing a mango down along the flat seed

The first step is to look at your mango. Haha this isn’t relationship counseling, even though it sounds like it. Nope, the point is to figure out how the crazy huge seed is situated in your mango (since obviously you want to avoid the seed with your knife).
When you hold the mango upright, you will see that in one direction it looks fat and when you turn it, it looks slimmer. Basically, it’s oval around it’s middle. You want to turn it so that the skinny direction is facing you, and then slide your knife down the wider side about a 1/2 inch from dead center. Then turn it around, and repeat that cut on the other side about a 1/2 inch from the center. This way you avoid the seed and cut away a nice piece of fruit easily from both sides.

Cutting half a mango in it's skin into a grid of one inch cubesFlipping the cut mango in it's skin inside out to look like a porcupine
Cutting half a mango in it's skin into a grid of one inch cubesSlicing off the one inch cubes of mango from it's skin

Last step is to remove the fruit flesh from the skin. Do this by gently slicing a grid in the flesh, being careful not to go through the skin. Now, pick up your half and flip it inside out. You will have what I like to call a mango porcupine! Using a paring knife, just cut cubes away from the flesh. Repeat with the second half and you are set to gobble up some fresh mango!

A breakfast of freshly cut mango

Delicious and pretty darn fun. I just love fresh fruit! Hopefully, this post gave you a few tricks up your sleeve.

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