How to Curl Your Hair with a Curling Iron

Ok, so maybe today is a stretch when it comes to a true Find & Fix it…but I think that a great “how to” can fix some serious hairstyle doldrums, and just in time for your Valentine!  Whether you have a hot date, or whether you just find yourself frustrated with trying to work magic using a curling iron, this post may be just what the doctor ordered!  Check out Jessica’s technique on herself, and how Sam gives Kristi the glam treatment!


As if these golden locks could need ANYTHING, Jessica decided to turn her romantic hair into something even more romantic with long, loose curls.


Using a large 1 1/2″ or 2″ barrel curling iron, Jessica parted a small section of hair and smoothed the hot iron over it once.  Then, grabbing the hair for a second time, she slid it down about 8″ from the root and bent the hair around the iron just once.  It created lovely loose movement in her lock.


Then taking the iron down closer to the end, she repeated the same technique of grabbing the hair in the iron and bending it around it once.  The result of this slightly different approach to “curling” is very natural and wind swept!


Repeating this on other sections of your hair will give you an effortless look to be admired!


So dang cute!!

Now on to a little bit of glam treatment!  Kristi sat in the “hot seat” while Sam worked her magic!


As if this cutie needed any help?!



Sam grabbed up 2/3 of her hair in a clip, giving her a third to work on at a time.  Taking the hair in sections, she smoothed the 1″ barrel curling iron over the hair and then coiled the hair up to 1″ away from the root.  Once she had gone around curling each section, she released the next third of hair and continued to curl sections.


When Kristi’s full head of hair had been curled, Sam loosened her shoulder length curls by applying a heated blow dryer in a downward action.


The result was shiny and looked so pulled together!

Hope this inspires a Valentine’s do for you!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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