Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste

I am so excited and thankful for the growing trend in holistic health.  Pinterest is literally rampant with cold remedies, detox potions, and the like.  I love researching and learning about natural remedies and trying them out on myself and my family.  This one is actually kid-approved in my household.  That says a lot!

Get ready, this may be a stretch for some of you…but it is really growing as a movement.  While some people have been trying to avoid fluoride and it’s side effects, others (like my kiddos) are just plain old allergic to a ton of commercial toothpastes.  No joke, two out of my three kids will breakout in canker sores if they use some of the most common commercial toothpastes.  Obviously, that is reason enough for my exploration of natural toothpastes….but the more I read, the more excited I got about whipping up a concoction in my own kitchen.  Apparently, almost all commercial toothpastes have glycerin in their ingredient lists.  Glycerin does a great job of coating your teeth and preventing stains throughout the day, but it’s characteristic cling prevents the nutrients from your foods to be absorbed by your teeth.  “Absorbed by your teeth!?!” you might say.  Yep, your teeth are porous and can absorb nutrients that can actually help them strengthen their enamel and heal themselves.  Gor for it….Google it. 🙂  Peeps are actually doing more than keeping their mouths clean and their breath fresh….they are actually healing their teeth.  Are you ready to try something new??

homemade toothpaste_0000


1/2 cup of water (if you are concerned about the fluoride in tap water, use bottled water)

1/4 cup bentonite clay

1 tablespoon powdered calcium

1 tablespoon magnesium citrate

3 tablespoons coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

10 drops of peppermint oil

5 drops of frankincense oil

5 drops of melaleuca oil

2 packets of Xylitol powder

optional: 1 tablespoon charcoal powder (for whitening)

homemade toothpaste_0001

Are you scratching your head yet at the purpose of all these ingredients?  No, it is not because I like creating complex recipes with hard to find ingredients that I intend to frustrate you with.  I am not that diabolical!  (But how much do I look like a magician in these pictures?  Hahaha I have floating hands!!) Nope, each one of these ingredients has a very important role in your mouth’s health.  Check it out:

  1. Coconut oil: wonderful antimicrobial benefits that assist in fighting tarter and gum desease.
  2. bentonite clay: a volcanic clay that absorbs toxins, is antimicrobial, alkalizes your mouth (which is good cuz acidic Ph will weaken your enamel), and helps your cells take in more oxygen so that they can more ably repair themselves.
  3. calcium & magnesium: without glycerin coating your teeth (a common ingredient in commercial toothpaste), your teeth can actually absorb and use these as you brush.  Remember, your teeth are actually porous.  If your skin can heal when you get a scrape, your teeth can heal their boo-boos, too.
  4. melaleuca oil: antimicrobial
  5. frankincense oil: naturally antiseptic, it helps fight off cavities while its stimulating quality helps to promote blood flow through your gums for quick healing.
  6. baking soda: a great way to gently polish away stains
  7. charcoal: removes toxins and polishes away stains
  8. Xylitol: while it sweetens, it strengthens your tooth enamel
  9. peppermint: refreshing and sweet, peppermint also stimulates circulation which helps gums heal and maintain a healthy connectivity to your teeth

homemade toothpaste_0002

This process is a cinch.  Basically, you measure out everything into a food processor and then whirl away until the texture is whipped smooth.

homemade toothpaste_0003

Note: I only found calcium and magnesium powders separate in my local health food store…but sometimes you can find them combined.

homemade toothpaste_0004

An alternative flavor for your toothpaste is whirling up some cloves.  They taste great and do a great job at simulating circulation in your gums.  Circulation = healthy gums!

homemade toothpaste_0005

The final step is to put your concoction into a container.  In a cinch, you could slap this stuff into a mason jar with a lid.  However, I like the convenience and familiarity of a travel tube.  I picked these up at my local super market in the travel section.  A funnel was super handy for smooshing the toothpaste quickly into the container.

For a whitening option, I added a tablespoon of charcoal powder to the mix.  Charcoal is great at absorbing toxins and making your teeth gleam!

homemade toothpaste_0007homemade toothpaste_0008homemade toothpaste_0011

I love that aside from the proactive health for your mouth, you can literally control the sweetness and strength of flavor with this paste.  Play with cloves, cinnamon, peppermint, and even vanilla.  Go for it!  The scent is ah.mazing!

homemade toothpaste_0009

Hahaha it was super fun watching Sam’s mouth look like a practical joke before rinsing and gleaming.  LOL

homemade toothpaste_0010

I hope you get adventurous and give this trend a try.  I know that my kids literally fight over it…

If kids love it, then you cannot go wrong 😉



Photography courtesy of Anya McInroy Photography

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