Homemade Lemonade kit gift

Thrifty Thursday

We are in that time of the year that people are moving, getting married or even preparing for Mother’s day. I love that this project is a great gift that won’t break the bank and is really perfect for all those occasions!! Simply stop by Ross or Home Goods and pick out a cute pitcher for ten bucks, then after a quick trip to the grocery store you have a super thoughtful and practical gift. Who doesn’t love a nice glass of lemonade? The ingredients are so simple and it’s pretty therapeutic to make, plus adding some lavender or even a fresh sprig of rosemary or mint will make it extra special and gourmet. You could even do a cute homemade “recipe card” note with steps and what that person means to you- love it!!






Lavender (or mint, rosemary, etc)

Mason jar (mini 4oz)

Love note


First I filled my little mini 4 oz mason jar with sugar and added some twine and lace around the top…


Next I placed my sugar container in the pitcher and got my lavender sachet ready…


I bagged a little sachet of cooking lavender but if lavender isn’t your thing you could even do rosemary, whatever flavor you are feeling. Personally I love lavender and lemon! Another option is to make a simple syrup and place that in your mason jar, if you do choose to make your own simple syrup be sure to check out our recipe here. 


Now it’s time to get strategic with placement, begin to fill your pitcher with all the goodies! From the straws to the sugar, lavender and lemons- gotta make it all fit!!


A quick note of love and you are sure to make your new neighbor, mother, or friend smile. Now they just need to have you over to drink the lemonade and chat!!




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