Homemade Coffee Filter Tea Bags

As I look at the weather forecast for the week and see rain approaching I can’t help but sigh a bit, I knew this early spring sunshine was a little too soon!! I suppose a little more rain will only help make the hills stay greener longer so it will just have to do 🙂 Amongst this rainy season everyone seems to be getting the awful cold that has been jumping from home to home, I still have a bit of a stuffy nose as I write this! So between the rain and cold season we are here to show you how to make some simple loose leaf tea bags that allow you to make the perfect blend of whatever ales your symptoms- be it rainy day blues or sore throats!


tea bags_0000

Start by taking your coffee filter and smoothing out all the creases and ruffles to make one large circle.

tea bags_0001

My coffee filters are extra large so I am going to cut off two little side strips to create a straight line on both sides of my filter.

tea bags_0002

Once both little wings are cut off take your favorite loose leaf tea combo and put about two tablespoons in the middle of the coffee filter. I scored these little test tubes of loose leaf tea at Trader Joes but you can find loose leaf tea at most grocery stores or online.

tea bags_0003

Now it is time to fold the bottom up and over your tea to create a little half fold pouch…

tea bags_0004

Next take the top and fold over the bottom to layer…you will notice the top ruffle hangs over a bit. Then from the sides, fold to create a “U” shape and tuck that excess ruffle into the center of the “U”

tea bags_0005

Now you should have a compact little pocket with the loose leaf tea secure and the ruffle edge ready to fold the flaps over and down as if you were wrapping a present.

Now that you have your pocket of tea, it is time to close it up and attach the string. I used baker’s twine to add some color! You have two routes here. One is to staple the bag shut, making for an easy and fast finishing touch OR use a needle and thread to secure the pouch and attach the string. It might sound odd to use a staple since after all you are ingesting the tea, but keep in mind staples are stainless steel. Using a stapler is obviously much faster than a needle and thread if you plan to make a lot of bags. On the other hand I also like the look of the needle and thread too- it looks very thoughtful and handmade- the choice is yours!

tea bags_0006tea bags_0007tea bags_0008tea bags_0009tea bags_0010

I wanted to add some fun character to my tea bags and really make it known these are homemade so I decided to add a fun little pom pom ball to the end! It makes me smile 🙂

tea bags_0011tea bags_0012tea bags_0013tea bags_0014

This DIY will also save you some bucks and make for the perfect gift!



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