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What do you think of when you hear the name Joanna??  Maybe it just happens to be your own name, or it reminds you of an old school pal.  However, for the vast majority these days, Joanna has become ubiquitous with hospitality, style and family.  Yep, we are talkin’ Joanna Gaines!  Along with her hubby, Joanna has turned their grasp of style and family values into a virtual enterprise.  With hits like their national show Fixer Upper, their real estate & design firm Magnolia Farms, and their Silos (a mecca for all things beautiful that they created in Wacco, TX…envision a store, gardens, food truck, etc that make the Silos feel like a Disneyland for the design savvy).  We aren’t crazy enough to want to BE her, but we wouldn’t mind being her best friend.  Is that creepy?

Well, to our shock, we discovered our own little slice of Joanna Gaines fabulousness right here in our tiny town.  Yep, at our fingertips, we now have access to the Joanna-sensibility with the added perk of two new friends in Lisa Rogers and Lisa Knutson!

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These gals are gems in their own right.  Impeccable eye for style and true warmth of hospitality are the first impressions you get when walking into their new store, HOME.  Located in Santa Margarita, just a few blocks away from the famous Santa Margarita Ranch that hosts all sorts of celebrity weddings and events like Sunset Magazine’s “Savour the Central Coast” in our quiet little town, HOME is a destination in it’s own right.

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These two lovely Lisa’s have been drawn together in friendship throughout the stages of life, starting in high school and all the way through motherhood and becoming grandmas.  With their mutual love of design, family, and hospitality, these savvy Lisas managed to pool together their business prowess and genuine people skills to open the only exclusive Magnolia Farms Furniture store.  Yes, some big name furniture companies are lucky enough to carry a few items from the sought-after line, but HOME is the complete package.  From the moment you walk in, you are immersed in the Magnolia Farms style and culture.  Yep, I said “culture” and I am sticking with it!

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It is one thing to have all the deliciously beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories, but Lisa Rogers and Lisa Knutson have true designer eyes that bring vignettes together that….well….make ya’ wanna spend money! LOL  Actually, HOME makes me feel like coming in for a nice visit, a bit of shopping and then maybe stealing away into a corner of the shop with a good book.  It is such a warm place, that you want to bring as much of it with you into your own space as you can!

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Highlighting the Magnolia Farms beauties, Lisa and Lisa have brought in amazing artisans like a local seamstress who makes custom bedding out of the softest, nubby linen.  I stand in awe of the skill and talent.  This little shop will have you dreaming!

home santa margarita_0005

Ok, that’s enough chattiness….time to just browse and be inspired!

home santa margarita_0006home santa margarita_0008Wait a minute, gotta interrupt for a second.  This furniture is so amazing.  With beautiful dovetailed joints, the Magnolia Farms Furniture line is designed exclusively by Joanna Gaines but manufactured by the impeccable furniture artists who create for such lovely companies as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  Can you say “quality”?

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I may not have a future at being buds with Joanna Gaines, but Lisa and Lisa are the perfect substitute!  HOME is my new favorite space to haunt…I mean hunt 😉 And I am sooo excited for their new store that will be coming to Santa Barbara soon.  I love how these ladies are making it happen while being rooted in friendship.  So cool!

Cheers to beauty, friendship, family & style (in spades)!




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