Hofbrauhaus, Las Vegas


I know that Sam and I shared with you some of our escapades in Vegas last weekend, but we figured another highlight of the trip would be perfect for a Mmmmonday.  If you have never had the experience of dining at the Hofbrauhaus in Vegas, then you are missing out on some great food and some hilarious laughs.  Oh….and the BEER!

Get ready for some great pix of a great night!

Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0947Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0944Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0949Bockwurst, knockwurst, bratwurst, sauerkraut, you name it.  It was a German style feast!  Nom nom!Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0948The large pretzels were totally addictive…especially with the beverage of choice!

(How dang adorable is Billy’s mom???)Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0954Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0950Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0955

Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0952The live music was energetic and entertaining.  It was a blast when they walked around from table to table playing their instruments even on our shoulders!  In all seriousness, their talent knocked our socks off!  Apparently, Hofbrauhaus flies in different musical groups to perform in the dining hall for limited engagements.  Pretty cool and super authentic!

Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0953Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0951Oh, there is one aspect of Hofbrauhaus that is not for the faint of heart.  If you were one of the brave souls who dared to take a shot of Jagermeister, then you would succumb to a smart paddle to the rump!!  Not sure if this is at every Hofbrauhaus, or if this is just Vegas style….but it gave us some great belly laughs!!



With slightly sore bottoms, we paid our tab and scoped out the gift shop where we were dazzled with all sorts of fun German inspired paraphernalia to remind us of our night.

Hofbrauhaus_las_vegas_0942So much fun!


Chanda & Sam


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