Heritage House Vintage Wedding

What’s Up Wednesday

This weekend we catered and coordinated our good friends Dusty & Candice’s wedding. Billy met Dusty through the fire department a few years back and they have become great friends of ours! We always love going to grab a bite or bust out some sweet dance moves with them over at MoTav. We were super honored when Candice and Dusty asked us to cater and coordinate their wedding- but they cherry on top?? Billy was the officiant! It was a fully zested wedding!!  The lovebirds tied the know at the charming Heritage House in the sweet downtown of Arroyo Grande.


The heritage house is right by the famous rooster creek of Arroyo Grande, why the name you ask? Well let’s just say there are a few roosters who roam the creek frequently and have since made it their home. It was pretty fun watching the roosters crash the wedding!!


Candice wanted a vintage rustic look- we knew just the details to zest with- burlap, wood rounds and eclectic bud vases.


Congratulations Candice & Dusty, we love you guys!!



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