Happy Birthday to a Rock Star!

Happy Birthday, Samantha-Pantha!!!

chanda                          sam

I have been stoked to walk-out the last 5 years with you in friendship.  It has been incredible to start out as friends with synchronized passions to becoming business partners, best friends and practically family.  You are one of my favorite peeps that walks this planet!

white on white inspiration shoot_0005

Our adventures have been epic.  Cooking, creating, designing, strategizing, laughing, crying, cheering, and just doing the mundane in life.  I couldn’t imagine a better human being to be doing this little adventure we call life!  You are so much more than a best friend, you are a kindred spirit!

white on white inspiration shoot_0003

Thanks for being in the trenches with me, everyday of Zest has been adventure!  And I am stoked to be ringing  in a new year with you, birthday girl.


white on white inspiration shoot_0062

Cheers to the cutest birthday girl ever!




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