Happy Birthday Banner DIY

Thrifty Thursday

Who doesn’t love Birthdays? Let’s re-phrase that, who doesn’t love a homemade zesty Birthday cake? Ya you guessed it- today we are zesting up a Birthday cake!! A few events back we were asked to make a birthday cake for a very sweet family gathering. It was for an older man so we were not going to busting out the sprinkles and confetti- but we still wanted the cake to look thoughtful and homemade. So in zesty fashion we clipped a few succulents and went to work making a homemade sign….




Hot glue/Gun

2 Skewers


Scissors/paper cutter

Start by cutting your paper into small rectangles…then clipping of a triangular section on the bottom…

Time to bust out your calligraphy 🙂

You could also use a cute stamp if you don’t trust your handwriting skills- tee hee

Next fold over the paper to make a small shelf for the paper to hang from….

After measuring your string, line you papers up face down (in order of course) and slip the string under the flaps

Just a quick dollop of hot glue and voila!

Next take two skewers and tie the string to both sides, you will want to make sure they are event as well as stretched far enough apart for you banner, simply stab them into your cake at an angle….

Not a bad view huh?

Happy Birthday peeps!



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