Hand-Knit Baby Blanket

I am so excited!  My sister is expecting her very first little baby this February.  It has been such a blast watching her walk through this new journey…being surprised by all the changes and bonding with her little man as he develops his fierce kicking skills inside her belly.  I love it!  It was amazing when I went through the process of becoming a mom, but it is something entirely new as I see me baby sister make the transition into mom-dom.  I get giddy and tearful at the same time, and try to hold back the flood of advice that seems to want to come pouring out of me!  I guess the big sister thing never goes away.  Ha!

Well, in my attempt to not become an overbearing nuisance, I am trying to stick to only offering the info that is asked for while being very present for all the joy of the journey.  Instead of playing the part of the “know-it-all,” I am channeling all that energy into making adorable little baby gifts to show my love and excitement.  It is a winning tactic that my sissy is kinda enjoying.  LOLknit baby blanket_0000


size 15mm needles

4 skeins of super bulky yarn

(I used Isaac Mizrahi Craft Premier Yarn, an acrylic & wool blend)

yarn needle for sewing in ends

knit baby blanket_0001

Cast on 68 stitches

Row 1-4: knit

Row 5: knit first 4 stitches, purl across till the last 4 stitches, knit these last 4 stitches

Row 6: knit across entire row

Repeat rows 5-6 until blanket measures the length you desire

Last four rows, knit across

Bind off

knit baby blanket_0002The beauty of this blanket is the ease in which it stitches up, and the incredible softness of the yarn.  Between the color and the softness, I find myself wanting to snuggle up with this yummy blanket!  If you are a newby to knitting, this is a perfect beginner’s project…and in the end you have a sweet gift to bless a precious bambino.knit baby blanket_0000knit baby blanket_0002

My sister literally buried her sweet face into this lusciously soft blanket.  She cannot wait to wrap her beautiful boy up in it when she has him this February.  That made me more than a little giddy.  I love that something I made her gave her so much joy!  Love you sissy!



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  1. Hi there

    I’m pretty new at knitting but this blanket looks beautiful! Just wondering what was the final size of the blanket in the end. 🙂 Also is 68 stitches easy to fit on the needle? (Can’t imagine as I’ve only ever done 30 and with thinner yarn probably).

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Marilee!

      I love that you have recently taken up knitting! It is such a cool art form…both beautiful and practical.

      This blanket is so ridiculously soft. The final measurements were 34″ X 38″. The super bulky yarn and large needles make this blanket a snuggle worthy quick knit up. Let me know how it turns out! I would love to see a pic 😉


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