Halloween Inspired Shirley Temple

Halloween is tomorrowwwww- are you ready? I sure am not! haha Definitely still brainstorming my costume and finalizing my plans, but I can say whatever party I attend I plan to make these fun little bloody shirley temples!! Who doesn’t love a classic shirley temple drink? When I was waltzing down the Halloween aisle at the 99 cents store and my eye caught these creepy syringes I just knew I had to use them. These bloody drinks would be great at a children OR adults party, simply add a splash of vodka or whiskey and you really can’t go wrong with a dirty shirley either!

fill syringe with cherry juice

First fill your syringe with maraschino cherry juice, aka “blood.” I filled mine almost all the way but not quite.

pour sprite

– Bubbles of some sort (Ginger ale, Sprite,7 up, etc.)
– Optional alcohol
– Marashino cherries & juice
Plastic syringes

cherry juice syringes

Next pour your bubbles over ice, I recommend using a low glass like a rocks glass or disposable clear cups for a children’s party. Be sure to leave a little room for that extra liquid you will soon be squirting in! Muahahhaah…..

float syringe in glass

There you have it, “bloody” shirley temples ready to enjoy- simply float a few cherries and then get to serving.

ready to servepush cherry juice into drink

Cheers my friends, Happy Halloween!

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