Half-Up Braided Hair

I feel like I wore my hair up just about every single day this summer. With temps in the 90’s and low 100’s, I just couldn’t bare to blow dry my hair, let alone where it like a wool scarf draped around my shoulders! Now that it is October and the days are growing cooler, I am excited to wear my hair down again! Hair dryer? Bring it on! Curling iron? No sweat!! I am ready to say goodbye to ponytails and buns….but I don’t think I could ever stay away from my beloved braids. Nope…just gonna mix it up a bit. Here is a simple, cute style to wear your hair down while keeping the windy autumn days from tousling your strands into your face.

Hair blown dry and worn down
Creating a small, simple braid

Using both your hands, gently pull the braids a bit loose by tugging and massaging the hair from both directions. This will give you two braids that have a thick, romantic appearance. Two thumbs up!

Start by parting your hair to the side and creating two simple braids along the part. Hurray for not even having to know how to pull-off a french braid!

Gently pulling at either side of the braid to loosen the braid and make it look fuller
Parting a portion of hair and pinning it out of the way so that it can lay down over the braided ends later

Now, grab a portion of hair below and to the side of where your braids naturally lay. Smooth it to the side and temporarily pin it out of the way.

Pinning the ends of the braids in place beneath the parted hair that was temporarily pinned out of the way

Grabbing one braid at a time, pin the end beneath where you pulled the hair back. Once both braids have been secured with a simple bobby pin, unpin the hair that you had pinned out of the way, and lay it down over the pinned braids. Now the ends of the braids are completely concealed and your hair will look nice and full.

Pinning the ends of the braids in place beneath the parted hair that was temporarily pinned out of the wayUnpinning the pinned hair and laying it down over and hiding the pinned ends of the braids
Side view of the half-up braided hairstyle

This style is so darn simple to pull off, and it looks so sweet. Whether you are just kicking around running errands, or you are ready for a night out, this half-up braided hairstyle will keep you feeling pulled together. Gotta love simple!

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