Hair Wrapped Top Knot for Summer

Bringing you some Cali-fresh casual today.  More often than not, as the temps rise and the warm winds kick up, the need to get the hair out of your face is a reality. This little “do” is a perfect way to sweep your hair out of the way in a hurry, but still feel pulled together for your day.  It’s a cinch, and works perfectly for long locks.

hairstyle 4_0000

Gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your crown.

hairstyle 4_0001

Wrap a ponytail holder around your hair twice, and on the third, pull the hair only halfway through.

hairstyle 4_0002

Gathering up the tail of hair, wrap it around the ponytail holder and secure it with a bobby pin.

hairstyle 4_0003hairstyle 4_0004

Fini!  I love how it has such an Audrey Hepburn look from the back.

hairstyle 4_0005hairstyle 4_0006

Clean, simple and pretty.  A win-win for a style that whipped up in like 60 seconds!  I love how this switches things up from a simple ponytail for on-the-go style.

Cheers to summer chic!



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