Guest Bedroom Top 11 Must Haves

When Billy and I met we always would talk about how fun it would be to run a bed and breakfast together one day. Well here we are 8 years later with about as close as you can get to one! Our guest bedroom has seen many travelers from a far. Family members, old roommates and dear friends from all across the states.  We love to tell stories, share a meal and take our guests around town- so with that we often find our little “Nason Ranch” frequent with guests. Which only means we need to have a room that is inviting and homey. Not quite what the below pics are showing (insert embarrassed emoji).


Yep pretty bland if you ask me.


So today we zest. We zest the ultimate guest bedroom.

Remember this shutter I sprayed last week for some picture displays?


Now to give this canvas I made a few months back a make over. If you noticed my bed does not have a headboard, I desperately need to give a statement piece to that wall. Canvas to the rescue!

guest_bedroom_makeover_0005I saw some inspiration over at Kate Spade here


Now to make a game plan, I am thinking I will do one of my fun accent walls like what I did here but mix it up with scallops, tutorial on how to make this wall coming soon!


Start with finding the center of the room, and then measuring for what you would like your headboard to be…


OOoooOOOO gotta love that pop of blue!


Yep, tackled those scallops too. Hold tight for the tutorial to come! In the mean time onto some other zesty touches. Like these new lampshades I scored at the goodwill outlet for $2, I was tired of the bell shaped ones and wanted to add a more modern touch.


But why not add some color?

My favorite color, mustard yellow!


Kristi helped paint the shades, it worked so well and gave a cool texture too!


Now for some guest bedroom MUST’s

#1. Make your wifi username and password easily accessible for your guest



I loved how bright and airy the room turned out, ahhh a fresh breath.



#2 Have some photos of friends and family who might be staying in your room to make it homey


#3 Have water for your guest upon their arrival, I had some fun with flavored water-ooh la la!

#4 Set the ambiance, light a candle and get the room smelling great!



#5 Be sure to set out tissues

#6 Keep a power source nearby for charging phones, laptops, etc.



You are probably wondering where that bland dresser went? Yep that tutorial is on it’s way too.

#7 Be sure to have ample space for you guest to keep their belongings. Either in the closet or a dresser.




#8 Bring in some green that makes the room look inviting and alive- they can be low maintenance plants like mine.


#9 Have some extra hangers in the closet for your guests to keep organized and tidy


#10 Supply your guests with a luggage stand

(I scored mine at a garage sale for $5!)


#11 Have an extra blanket nearby for your guests to cozy up in


I won’t be surprised when I see you knocking at my door to stay in the scallop room!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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