Grilled cherry tomatoes for breakfast and beyond!!

Good morning, lovelies!!  After a harrying schedule of catering weddings, planning and stylizing photo shoots (just wait til you see the wedding dress I made….I was sewing til 4:30AM, oy vey but gorgeous), training interns and meeting with new clients……it is time to restore my balance and connect sweetly with my family.  Yesterday was filled with precious moments and today we are getting ready for a family hike (if you haven’t had a chance to connect the dots, hiking is our family’s go-to quality time activity–gotta love livin’ in California!!)

However, before the rest of the house was awake (aka before all the boys woke up), Evangeline and I got a chance to have an awesome breakfast….high on taste and ease!  So, I thought I’d share 🙂DSC_2429 copyDSC_2433Okay, I admit it, I am one of those super “special” peeps who totally loves garlic in the morning!  This may seem a little over-the-top for some of you, but you have seriously gotta give it a try….at least once, right?

DSC_2434 copyDSC_2435I love starting my day with such gorgeous color!

DSC_2436DSC_2438 copyMeanwhile, get some eggs ready!  I chose to do some hard-boiled eggs since I knew that the boys were gonna be sleeping for a while and that they would keep better while they snoozed.

DSC_2431I’ve told you my secret before, but here we go again…..

  The ultimate hard-boiled egg

Start with cold water, add eggs straight from the fridge and then bring to a boil.  As soon as they boil, set your timer for 3.5 minutes.  When the dinger goes off, run cold water over your heuvos and let them sit for a sec before you peel.  You will have perfectly yellow, hard-boiled eggs….without a speck of over-cooked grey hues.


DSC_2443A perfect breakfast!

DSC_2442And Evangeline loved being up early enough to have her favorite soft-boiled egg!

DSC_2452 copyBon apetit!  Note: save the left-over tomatoes for lunch or dinner.  Just mix them into some rice, pasta, or put on top of some toast and cheese.  The possibilities are limitless for sure.

Now time to go and wake up husband and sons!  No easy feat, but at least the great outdoors will have a strong draw for my monkeys!

Have an awesome Monday!


Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes copy

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