Grapefruit Vanilla Cocktail

Thrifty Thursday

I know today is titled “Thrifty Thursday” but I feel like it could also be “Thirsty Thursday” because not only will you save a buck or two making this drink at home but after I tell you about this amazing cocktail you will be thirstyyyyyy!! Whether you are going out for New Year’s tonight or will be cozy at home, it’s a time to celebrate and ring in the New Year with joy!! When we went out for my birthday a few weeks back Chanda and I were inspired by a cocktail we enjoyed at Koberl at Blue.  We decided it would make for the perfect way to ring in the New Year with festive cheer….plus it’s just super darn tasty.


Vanilla Vodka


Grapefruit Juice

Sparkling Water/Club soda- show me the bubbles!

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0000

Start by juicing your grapefruit- gotta love that gorgeous color!!

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0002

 grapefruit vodka cocktail_0003

Next measure out 1 shot of vodka and add to one shot of grapefruit juice….

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0004grapefruit vodka cocktail_0005

Shake things up a bit with ice…

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0006

Now grab your martini glass and swirl with honey….

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0007grapefruit vodka cocktail_0008

Top off your drink with a splash of bubbles…

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0009

Time to enjoy!!

grapefruit vodka cocktail_0010

Cheers to a fabulous 2015,

hello 2016!!



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