Grand Marnier Stuffed Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Trendy Tuesday

Today I am hitting you with a delicious trend that we have seen popping up everywhere in the wedding world (did we ever mention that we are caterers and special event designers, aka we do weddings every week).  I figured with the awesome strawberry season that we are having right now, we might as well show you how to kick up the classic chocolate-dipped strawberries to a whole new level!  That new level includes cream cheese and grand marnier.  Killer idea, right??  These are epic for a petite dessert.  After just one of these, you may never crave cheesecake again!  Say “hello” to a new food addiction, my lovelies.

stuffed strawberries_0000


1 package cream cheese (room temperature)

1/2 cup powdered sugar

3 tbls grand marnier

1 package of large strawberries

16 oz of dark chocolate ( adore the 72% cacao bars from Trader Joe’s)

stuffed strawberries_0001

Start by creaming together the cream cheese, sugar, and the Grand Marnier in a bowl.

stuffed strawberries_0003

Scoop the creamy mixture into a pastry bag or a gallon sized ziplock (if this route, make sure to cut a small hole in one of the corners of the ziplock once you have filled it with the filling).  Then, using a paring knife, cut a small hole on the bottom side of the strawberries for filling.  Since strawberries are essentially hollow, you will have a nice little cavern to fill.

stuffed strawberries_0004

Using the piping bag, fill the cavity of each strawberry with your delicious creamy concoction.
stuffed strawberries_0006

In preparation for dipping the strawberries, dust a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper with brown sugar (if you don’t care about gluten-fee, use some graham cracker crumbs to add a cheesecake flare to your strawberries).

stuffed strawberries_0005

Chop up your chocolate using a serrated knife…it will be way easier than a chefs knife or anything else (trust me).

stuffed strawberries_0002

  Place the chocolate in a glass bowl and microwave for 20 seconds.  Give it a stir and then microwave for an additional 20 seconds until it is melted.  Here is the trick with chocolate, it will want to separate and bloom on you if you do not stir it consistently until it reaches 88F for dark chocolate or about 86F for milk chocolate (yep, you may need a food thermometer here).  Now it is ready for dipping!

stuffed strawberries_0007

Once you coat your strawberries, rest them on the brown sugar (or graham cracker dust).

stuffed strawberries_0008stuffed strawberries_0009

You can make them even prettier by drizzling more chocolate or white chocolate squiggles on them as the rest.

stuffed strawberries_0010

I adore the filling so much that I usually like to serve my dipped strawberries with pretty little stars of extra filling alongside them….yum!

stuffed strawberries_0011stuffed strawberries_0012

These little creations are beyond dangerous…so it’s a good thing that strawberry season isn’t too long!



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