Graduation Cap Inspiration

In case you have not met Kaitlyn yet- she has been interning with us the past few months and we are SO sad to see her fly the nest up to the bay area for another fabulous internship opportunity! But before she does her big move she has one more thing on her agenda- GRADUATING! We couldnt be more excited and proud of this zester. If you don’t know Kaitlyn, she is hardworking, creative, cute and pretty darn funny too. It only seems right that her graduation cap would match!!

As all you grads are busy rhinestoning, adding puffy paint and glitter this gal is getting witty! There are SO many fun ideas for your graduation cap, after a quick pinterest search it can be quite overwhelming but we hope you enjoy her little pun as much as we did!

After a quick test scribble our talented zester, Danielle, busted out the puffy paint and some rad calligraphy!

Congratulations Kaitlyn, we love you!
Sam & Chanda

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