Gold Lettered Quote Frame

I am super excited to be sharing one piece of the puzzle to my new bedroom renovation!! You could do a tour around my house be checking out some fun accent walls, the guest bedroom, and even some kitchen and fireplace decor. But one thing I have been putting on the back burner was my very own bedroom…until now!! Here is the first project of a series that are parts to make up my full bedroom make over. Excited? Me too!! With that said I am jumping on the gold band wagon here- yep oh so trendy!! I love all the fun quotes I constantly see around Home Goods and TJ Max and lets’ face it- pinterest. Quotes like…”everywhere she goes she leaves a little sparkle”….”good morning sunshine”…”always kiss me goodnight”…and the list could go on. Just wait till you see the one I picked…..but first a supplies list!


Mat for frame


Gold Spray Paint

Gold Sharpie pen


See my super random frame and mat? Scored the mat at Ikea for $4 and the monkey frame at Goodwill for $5.29- not too shabby!

refurb frame_0000

First disassemble the frame so we can get it prepped for painting….gold frame_0009gold frame_0010gold frame_0012gold frame_0013

Next spray paint the frame GOLD! (or whatever color your heart desires)gold frame_0015

While that is drying go ahead and grab your sharpie paint pen, mat and ruler and pencil….

gold frame_0016

First I made a few horizontal lines to write on….

gold frame_0017

Then I drew my quote in pencil…gold frame_0018

Time to trace with my gold sharpie….gold frame_0019

And voila!!

This frame will be going on my new little art gallery section that will have photos of me & the hubby, the pups, and lots of fun travel and adventure pics…so fun!!gold frame_0020

Love you babe- it’s true!!



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