Gold Antler

Find & Fix it Friday

Today’s post needs to be a bit sly and on the down-low.

Our beautiful Kristi shared with us her oh-so-cute Daddy’s Day gift…but shhhh no one tell him it is up on the blog today 😉


I love projects that are inspired by found things, especially things found in nature!  Any chance to bring the outdoors into your interior design is always a plus in my book.  It is a way to bring a sense of peace to your space while keeping it unexpectedly grounded.  The best is when you take something in it’s organic form and give it a little extra pizzazz.

It is like the philosophy behind a good English garden: wild and structured at the same time.


I guess that is why I love Kristi’s project.  It is earthy and organic in form, but the gold spray paint brought it up a notch.  The ease of the project is only matched by it’s stellar beauty.  I can imagine limitless possibilities for a gleaming antler: hat rack, coat rack, coffee table decor, door cornice, unique drapery rod, hmmmmmm… likey!


However, I think it is perfect as a Father’s Day gift for a “Happy Stag”


Tee-hee!  Major props for being the kind of daughter who makes something special for your “daddio,” Kristi!




Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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