Gold Animal Ring Holders

Hey Zesters!

For this Find & Fix it we have an adorable Anthro Hack! Below you can see the $16 version you can purchase…

anthropologie jewelry holders_0001

orrr you can go to the dollar store, pick up some little plastic animals and snag some cute saucers from your favorite thrift store. The process is superrr simple: spray your animals, dab hot glue where you want to attach the animal, attach it to the saucer, and voila! Below are pictures of our process and two different variations you can do! You can make these as hostess, birthday or even as bridesmaid’s gifts!







I choose to make my animal like this specifically for my bathroom sink since I don’t like wearing my rings when I wash my face. Needless to say, Jessica & I had some fun making these little funky and functional cuties!

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Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton


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    1. I think it would work! You could always use a stronger glue like gorilla glue as well, just know that a little goes a long way with that!!

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