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If you have ever noticed, I happen to be mommy to some pretty white-haired toe-heads.  Yup, that is an expression for the almost albino appearance of my little blond kiddos.  Obviously, even though my kids have mixed ancestry like so many American kids, the Scandinavian DNA is runnin’ strong through their veins!  Blue eyes and blond hair is how I would describe most of the cousins; a bunch of little Vikings thanks to our Danish and Swedish heritage.


Along with the obvious physical attributes, I have also really been influenced by the cuisine and aesthetics of these northern countries.  Being a woman of juxtapositions and opposites (call it the ying and yang of Asian culture), I relish the balance between the organic forms of the natural as they tinker with balancing against the clean lines of modern design.  I guess, in a more down to earth way, it would be safe to say that I delight in Scandinavian decor.   Yup, the stuff makes me absolutely giddy!  So, it is no stretch of the imagination that the trend towards the simple, clean, and homey elements of Scandinavian aesthetics this Christmas have me doing a jig of joy.  I love everything about it, including the ease it brings to those of us addicted to DIY projects!

So, God Jul (or Merry Christmas)!  Be inspired by some of this Christmas time cheer!


Simple Wreaths and Garlands

I adore the simplicity.  The shapes are basic and clean.  It could easily inspire a million DIY decor ideas!  Think basic form and an uncomplicated color palette.

God_jul_0485 copy





Combining candlelight with natural elements such as bark, fur, and greenery adds so much warmth to a room; even when the color palette is simple and the shapes uncomplicated.  Scandinavian tradition uses candlelight everywhere: the advent candle wreath, candles lighting windows and even the Christmas tree.  I do not know about you, but I love to set a room ablaze at this time of year!

God_jul_0487 copy



O Christmas Tree

Clean and basic, the emphasis is on structure and organic form.  Real trees full of pine freshness are intriguing when they don a simple, almost geometric shape.  In fact, the love of geometric form lends itself beautifully to getting uber creative with a Christmas tree.  Why not try out a chalkboard tree or even a driftwood variety?  These are all very Scandinavian, and VERY cool!

God_jul_0486 copy




Decorate with Nature!

I love that decorating for Christmas can be as simple as a walk outside and a collector’s spirit!  There is beauty everywhere.  For a truly Scandinavian flare, make sure to give your findings a beautifully clean white backdrop!

God_jul_0488 copy


I know that, like me, you have probably already decked the halls.  All is looking cheery and bright.  However, after this post, I am going to get busy with the kids this weekend.  There are just so many cool projects that are begging to make my home a little bit more Scandinavian chic!  Hope you are inspired, too!



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