Glass Jug Turned Lamp

Ok, by now you are probably jealous because you think my neighborhood rocks…I mean the amount of cool, free stuff I get is pretty, right?  Whelp, I’ve got another find that may make you green with envy…check it out:

Ooohhhhh yeeeesssss, and I got multiples, baby!  Glass jugs are awesome, and this vintage one, by itself, would run somewhere in the neighborhood of $65.  But, you know me, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  As you can see in the pic, I got out my Duct Tape….not because I think it’s purdy, but because I just got a new drill bit for glass and tile and I want to cut down on any cracking or splintering at my drill site.

Super cool new drill bit!  It totally works!!  I am excited about this project and all the new ones to come which this little bad-boy will help me accomplish!!!  But, be prepared to kill some time drilling this hole…..I was warned that it would take like 20 minutes and that is NO JOKE!

You can see the white “sand” being created as I drilled through the glass….just go patient and slow.  In about 15 minutes, your hole may look like:

More of a divot than a hole, really.  But, keep going…it does work!  It probably took me near 30 minutes, drilling slowly and spraying with water every now and then when the friction started to make things smoke.  I think Sam saw me do a jig when I finally broke through all the way! (Oh, and that constant pressure of drilling for 30 minutes straight practically gave me the symptoms of “tennis elbow” for the next day or two….crazy!)

Now that my hole was achieved, I needed to figure out HOW to clean the interior of the jug (which has, of course, a crazy, tiny opening…so no human hand or sponge could fit through for cleaning purposes).  So, Sam and I got creative, and fashioned the world’s largest Q-Tip out of wire, duct tape, and paper towels to scrub the interior with tile cleaner.

Now for the tricky part of turning this jug into a lamp…how to attach a standard light kit from the hardware store?  Haha, this wasn’t super easy to figure, but we finally settled on getting a bathtub rubber stopper so that things would be secure and wouldn’t tilt or come loose (make sure you measure the aperture of whatever you are wanting to attach a fixture to…this 1 1/4″ stopper turned out to be a skoshe too large, so I had to spend precious time widdling it down with a razor.  Wasted time is ALWAYS a bummer).

Now, I busted out my drill, again, to drill a hole for inserting the threaded pipe for the electrical wire to go through.  I know, I know, I am sounding super techie, again. Har-har.

Now, it’s just a matter of following the package directions for the kit…it turned out not to be as intimidating as I thought.  I am seriously digging making lamps, right now!

The most essential part is to wrap one wire around each screw on the head, and then tighten down….that is, if you want an electrical current to turn on your light bulb.

BTW, the silver medallion was from our first attempt…it’s what we wound up using the bathtub stopper to replace.  Yep, trial and error is a major teacher!  We are problem solving babes 😉

Last step, after finishing the assembly of the kit, is to use Gorilla Glue to keep the bathtub stopper in place.  Make sure that you really push that stopper WAY down to keep things secure….this will also keep the Gorilla Glue from making a mess as it dries and swells.  Oh, and anchor the bad-boy in place, cuz things will be a bit slippy-slidey while its still wet (and you wanna make sure it’s straight, of course).

Onto the lampshade.  I already had a barrel lampshade that we rescued from a garage sale…but it needed some pizazz.  Enter the sack from my grocery store potatoes 🙂

I snipped away, until it was a large rectangle.

The tools for the trade: spray adhesive and a hot glue gun.

I pretty much just sprayed and smoothed, and then cut away the extra.

For the seam, I simply folded over the fabric and hot glued it in place.  I did the same idea around the edges…hot glue and a fold.


So dang cute!

Priced and ready for sale at Zoey’s Home Consignment!

You guys, you have gotta try this out…find a cool object and go for it…a custom, unique lamp for your home!  Zest it Up peeps!


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  1. Fablous job, very well done! I been kerping my eyes out for these large jugs. I need two. Now that you shown us how to make a lamp using these jugs, I am ready. The lamps like these cat to much everywhere I’ve found some. Thank you for sharing.
    By tge way, I just ran across your site, and for sure I will be joining, because I saw so many things you have posted, I love!

    1. Wow, that would be a beautiful project…and completely doable. With the right bit, and going low and slow, you could totally do it….and even earn the title “hardware type” for yourself 🙂 , while making beauty. Lol, I remember my son, when he was 9, tried to tell me that dad was the one who used the power tools…man o’ man do I love proving him wrong. He is so cute, totally proud of his momma…at 11 years old he thinks I’m a toughie now 🙂 , so much fun! Keep me posted if you give it a whirl…would love to see the final piece! ~Chanda

      1. Yeah, Sylwia is my decoupage guru as well… eh.. maybe some day…
        Anyways, I rent a house at the moment and there seem to be no spare room for any hardware tools. I basically drag everything out from a tiny chest of drawers after 9 pm (a couple of hours without tiny hands of a 15 mths old poking in 🙂 and I keep crafting. Bad light for tutorial pictures, I know :). And since it’s UK we’re currently living in, the weather is not so good for any prolonged outdoor activities. I read your posts on bigger pieces and yearn for a little shed of my own (with a heating, an armchair, nice light… sure, keep dreaming :)) to be able to e.g. prep a chair, leave it overnight to dry etc.
        I like your mom-son story :), can wait for my son Michal to be able to have any sort of conversation 🙂
        Bye for now, will keep coming for more excellent stuff that come out of your hands.

        1. Ohhh, yes…space! Haha, I remember living in a two bedroom flat with three little ones. I also remember the days of only being able to craft after bedtime 🙂 . Hang in there! My youngest just started kindergarten this year and I’m a bit of a “kid in a candy store” with my daytime hours, now. And oh yes, the conversation with your kiddos is awesome…truly the highlight of my day (just wait, and soon you won’t be able to keep Michal quiet 🙂 ). Thanks for reading our blog! ~Chanda

    1. Funny! Thanks for the salut. Admittedly, I have put off doing the other ones, kinda dreading the exercise in patience…but I’ve gotta toughen up, since Sam wants to take a completed one down to Serendipity in Arroyo Grande, CA. Gotta put on my big girl pants and get crackin’. 🙂

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