Geometric Necklace Display

If you are up to speed with the “What’s Up” at Zest, then you probably know that we have been busy little beavers working on displaying our beautiful merchandise at our headquarters. We are so stinkin’ in love with our sweet little collection of locally made and locally sourced creations, that we wanted to do more than just have them live in our online shop. Pretty similar to the guiding principle in home design: If you love something, you want it out to be seen and touched, rather than tucked away in a drawer or box. SO, we have turned into the afore mentioned beavers and have been creating fun ways to show-off the things we love. Last week, I shared with you all a simple industrial four tiered wooden display that turned out so sweet. I felt like the design was lovely for the home, but SUPER helpful to any of you responsible for merchandising and design. However, today I wanted to share a really cool geometric necklace display that could either be used in a retail space, or in your bedroom. After all, jewelry is the kind of decor that looks great worn, but it continues to add bling when put on display. This is the kind of organization that makes a room look great!

one 2″X12″ pine board
fine grit sand paper
sander (optional)
wood stain

This is a project of angles! Use the angles marked on your chop-saw for ease. I made both 45 degree triangles and 30 degree triangles for diversity.

I kept the bottom of the board as my baseline, and then made a clean cut at a 45 degree angle. Then, adjusting the chop-saw to the opposing 45 degree angle, I made a second cut in the opposite direction making an apex of a triangle. All that was left to do was to sand and stain!

Sometimes the best design is beyond simple. It’s clean, solid, beautiful and durable.

I love how the sharp angles are warmed by the colors of the wood. This geometric jewelry display is the perfect show-off for your favorite necklaces, anklets and bracelets. Just watch your jewelry turn into decor! Make a few of these, pair them with a candle and a couple of air plants…et viola: instant minimalist-chic.

ps If you are loving these gorgeous necklaces, check them out at in our shop. My current favorite are the “create” in morse code necklace and the raw diamond necklace.

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