Gennaro’s Grill & Garden


In honor of saying goodbye to one of our sweet interns, Jessica, we decided to break bread at an establishment that has been around for decades.  The food is quite stellar, but it is made even more so by the quaint atmosphere at Gennaro’s Garden & Grill.  Who can resist a restaurant that resides within a 1904 Victorian home in downtown San Luis Obispo.  Honestly, we were hooked as soon as we crossed the threshold!


The bar is top notch and we were more than a little excited to savour some espresso from the sexy copper Italian espresso machine behind us in this pic.


The dining rooms of Gennaro’s are intimate with a casual take on old world elegance.  I love that you feel posh here, but never stuffy!


Obviously, we were here to celebrate this girl…so gotta give her some props!  We will be missing her as she travels south to complete her graduate degree in graphic design!


Yay Jessica!  We could not be prouder…seeing you discover your path and passion!  Time to celebrate with some delicious Prosecco.  Bring on the bubbly!


As if the perfect 80 degree day in San Luis Obispo served up with chilled Prosecco were not enough….check out this gorgeous grub.  Gennaro’s is doing summer eats with style.


Aurora Salad

Grilled salmon, shrimp, mixed baby greens, tomatoes, hearts of palm and asparagus served with a lemon dressing


Linguini al Zafferano

Linguini with fresh vegetables and diced tomatoes in a saffron tomato sauce



Salmone alle Erbe

Grilled fresh salmon served with champagne and a sage sauce
And last, but not even close to least is dessert.  I think I may be hooked!


Let us not forget the divinely dense flourless chocolate torte, the affogato and the espresso.  Such happy bellies.  I swear my little Italian Samantha was feeling her ancestral vibes at this quaint bistro.  Honestly, the food is so good and the atmosphere is so special that we would make this a must for locals and tourists alike.  It is great for a midweek luncheon with the girls, and just fabulous for a date night!

Our big send off was not complete without a gift exchange a la Zest style.  We actually put together a little something special for Jessica that we will share in a later post, but we were dying over the craftiness of Jessica’s gifts to us!  She and her mom have got a knack for Zestiness.  These mosaics were the the result of some majorly painstaking DIY efforts.  We could not believe how precious they were.  The heart mosaic is for our Zest garden and the mirror simply made us freak out!  Each one of those mosaic tiles was a handcrafted tile that Jessica’s mom made.  I particularly liked the “think big” tile.  So cool!


All in all, it was a gorgeous day filled with great giggles and fantastic food.  That is a triple point in my book!  Definitely deserving of a repeat!

Bon apetit!



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