Fried Lemon slices

Savoring Saturday

I know Chanda and I have raved about the restaurant La Enoteca before- but what I have not told you about is their amazing vintners plate for appetizer. This platter comes out with grilled pita, roasted garlic, marinated olives, J&R spicy wine sausage, roasted grapes AND fried lemons. The fried lemons are my favorite by farrrrrr. I just love lemons. And we are in luck because my Meyer lemon tree is just oh so happy right now! Today we are going to conquer making fried lemons, because let’s face it- I have a hankering and need to meet this craving. Now I know you are probably still a little confused about the two words I am putting together….fried+lemons= yum? But hey if you can go to the fair and eat a fried twinkie, oreo, bacon or pickle- why not a lemon? Rind and all!!

Start by slicing your meyer lemon and removing all seeds…

fried lemon_0000

Crack two eggs and give a beat…

fried lemon_0001

Dip your lemon slices in the egg….

fried lemon_0002

Pat your lemon in cornmeal making sure to coat the entire lemon…

fried lemon_0003fried lemon_0004

Time to give them a sizzle in olive oil….

fried lemon_0005

Chanda gave a dash of sea salt…

fried lemon_0006We also made some homemade greek yogurt dip, you can get the link to the recipe HERE!

fried lemon_0008


I adore lemons, it’s confirmed.



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