Friday Finds!

An eclectic treasure trove of design favorites, foodie-liscous treats and lifestyle gems! I’ll be here with you every Friday to inspire, jazz and woo ya with our new top shelf finds. Here are my first 5 for this week.

Trending while sipping Gou lu green tea from our local Joebella cafe.

I. Bone Marrow

 A foodie fav. It may not be something new to you but if you haven’t dared to try it yet, it’s time to put yourself up to the challenge. If you can get over the  mental obstacle of scraping the insides of a bone, you will be rewarded with many scrumptious morsels of goodness.


II.  Fringe Skirt

 Hip hugging, curve loving- fringe skirt. You will be twirling around incessantly once you try one of these on. Just found mine at our own Farron Elizabeth! Not paid for promotion.


III.  String of Pearl succulent

This looker will have you at your knees. No high maintenance here ; little watering needed with much visual appeal. Winner.


IV.  Bumblebzz bzz

 On the quest for love, friendship or community? This helpful little app has a sneaky way of becoming your new favorite form or entertainment..cough cough*…I mean connection. But actually this is totally working for me at the moment, so I hope he’s not reading. #keeper 😉


 V. Copper wine class

Zuliliy Copper ombré wine glass. Wouldn’t you say it’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute? Maybe not as well as Steve Carrel but a close second. Sophisticated, durable and hot, all the right things, for family, friends or a date night in.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.01.34 PM

If you made it this far, thanks! You’ve enjoyed the very first Friday Finds with yours truly.

Tune in next time to see what else I have for ya!




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