Friday Finds

Guys… How are we already in April? And not just April 1st or anything… we are almost one week down – crazy! Crazy is definitely the word of the week. Amongst finishing the pop up last week and prepping for three events this weekend Chanda and I have been running around with our heads chopped off like Cray Cray girls. But true confession – we wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess that crazy is just in our blood. But as I sit here and write this and eat some pizza (yes, no judgment we food prepped for crazy hours today)- I can’t help but crave all these Friday friends. Let me explain…

Chunky Arm Woven Blanket


Right about now I want to be bundled up in this amazing chunky, soft hand, or shall I say arm woven blanket. This will definitely be on my DIY bucket list.


Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

After just having shopped and prepped and scheduled servers for three events this week I could use a hard drink. How about this amazing strawberry chamomile crash? Sign me up!


Seamless Bralette


Oh and this one might seem a little odd, but amongst shopping at Costco this week chanda and I discovered this two pack of DKNY bras. Game changer. Guys I’m telling you we were able to conquer this crazy week feeling oh so comfortable. TMI sorry. Not sorry!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 7.37.46 AM

Seagrass Vase


And then there was the sun shining and all I wanted to do was garden and then these amazing seagrass vases popped up on my Pinterest feed. Oh anthropologie you’ve done it again!


Rough diamond rose gold ring


This last Friday find it’s just the inner me wanting to play dress-up and not be scrubby this week… Can we wipe the drool away for a second, this ring is a UH-MAZING!


That’s all for now zesties!



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