Exploring Sayulita, Mexico

I am coming to you guys one week tanner- that is right I had some time in the sun last week down in Sayulita Mexico for a good friends wedding and man was I inspired!  I stumbled into this little hot spot store, Evoke the Spirit and immediately wanted to start taking pics of everything. Of course I wanted to buy everything, but I think I must have subconsciously known that my suitcase would not suffice, so pics would have to do. These Friday finds will eventually find their way into my home if they have not already….sorry not sorry!


Hand-dyed wool blanket

The aibnb Billy and I stayed at happen to have these amazingly gorgeous and cozy hand-dyed wool blankets in it! So after cuddling in this blanket for a few straight nights and then seeing all the fun colors they come in- I am a firm believer! The fibers come from the mountains of Oaxaca and are hand dyed there using ancient recipes of flowers, leaves, roots, vegetables, and insects. LEGIT!



Handmade Pompom balls

A quick stroll through the town and you will automatically notice the color, the people, the POMPOMS! They are everywhere! There is a color and size for all your fancies! Personally I go for more of the neutral colors, I snagged my fave (mustard yellow) to bring home and hang up and remember the fun lively city.



Jewelry Dish

I’m a sucker for handmade ceramics, I think the fact that it is “one of a kind” and has such a story with character that pulls me in. These little dishes made for the perfect souvenir for friends. I loved that they offered some bling even when you don’t have bling in your jewelry dish.



Macrame Curtain

I know weavings and marcame are super in right now, but I have never seen a macrame curtain! I love how loose and organic these curtains are, almost resembling waves. These panels are sold separately and can be looped together to make as long or wide of a piece as your needs. Plus you can fold or even cut to really tailor to any space!! I did manage to bring three panels home and can’t wait to zest with them! Stay tuned to see pics!!




If only this was a scratch and sniff pic. The perfect combo of rustic nature and yet cleansing aromas filled the air when I burned these incense while enjoying the city rooftop. Yes you might not be able to buy this exact incense, but I encourage you to try something new- instead of your go to candle grab some incense and bring the outdoors in a bit as we dive into spring!




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