Friday Finds

Comin’ at you this fine Friday with some of my favorite finds.  These are things that I am currently crushing on…hard!  Some of you may be saying “YES!” to my choices, and some of you may be like “huh? I’ve never heard of that.”  Well, that’s the point, my dears.  Like a chat with a friend in a coffee shop, I’m ready to share 😉





Lapsang Souchong

This Chinese black tea is totally my jam!  It has been one of my fav’s for the last 25 years (uuhhhh hemmm, obviously dating myself unabashedly).  What sets this gem apart is the drying method.  Gently dried over smoking pine needles, this cup of tea literally transports me every time I take a sip.  You can find this beauty at most tea shops, but you can order it online here and here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.45.13 PM


Copper Pipe Anything!

I have been in love with copper for ages, and now my obsession is with the utilitarian look of copper pipes. We just created a pretty darn sexy little copper pipe pour over for our coffee addiction at the office.  But honestly, this little bad boy took my breath away.  I love how the black sets the copper off like a blingy piece of jewelry for the drawers.  Major heart eyes over here!!  Well done to instagrammer and DIY girl Thats My Letter!

Copper Pipe drawer pulls_0288


Oxford Booties

I feel like my go-to shoe lately has been a brown oxford bootie.  They are so adorable.  The perfect nod to classic design with a little bit of funk when mixed with a skinny jean.  These oxfords are my new wishlist!  The heel is at such a sexy slant….gonna feel a little bit like a dreamy librarian in these!  Cue the wind blowing your hair loose! lol

Oxford booties


BBQ Octopus

We recently just prepared braised and barbecued octopus for our Pop Up dinner, and I am now even more in love!  If you have had octopus before, chances are it has been at a sushi bar.  However, the mediterranean treatment of this meat is incredible.  Braising it in white wine to make it tender and then barbecuing it over an extremely hot wood fire makes this dish SING!  The tender, sweet meat is incredible once the exterior crisps up and gets a subtle flavor from the smoke curling around.  Just delicious.  Can’t wait to try this Croatian octopus recipe from He Needs Food sometime soon, too.

BBQ Octopus_0289


Geranium Essential Oil

Guys, this is one of my go-to’s lately.  I absolutely love essential oils, and use them for a myriad of things: personal health, cleaning, skincare, you name it!  Why am I loving geranium oil?  Well, I really am a believer in natural skincare.  I wash my face with freaking olive oil, for Pete’s sake.  I do use a more normal face cream, but I blend a few drops of geranium oil into my night cream everyday.  It is amazing how much better it makes my nighttime routine.  Not only do I go to bed breathing in the perfume of rose geraniums, but it does an amazing job of hydrating my skin and fighting wrinkles.  I LOVE IT!  Read more about it here.

Geranium Oil_0290

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