Friday Finds

An eclectic treasure trove of design favorites, foodie-liscous treats and lifestyle gems! I’ll be here with you every Friday to inspire, jazz and woo ya with our new top shelf finds. Here are my first 5 for this week.

Trending while sipping a little vino and enjoying some Mr. Pickles. 

This week I wanted to give you a little B&W theme. I’m in the house cleaning- purging mood and the  black and white minimalistic style is really appealing right about meow.

I. Black Squid Ink Pasta

Squid cooked in its ink (chipirón, calamar). A little squid shy? It’s a Spanish dish that will bewilder the taste buds and keep you coming for more. The best Chipirones I’ve ever had was with an old friend in País Vasco, Bilbao.  This one goes down in the books.

squid cooked in its ink (chipirón, calamar)

 II. Nasty Gal- Suri Feathered Bootie

Feelin sassy and sleek? Try these booties on for a little prancing around town with the girls or a fun night out with that special someone. These feathery friends


III. Black Elephant Ear

The purple/black color variation of the Taro plant is an absolute stunner!  The root of this guy is known as Taro and is commonly known for their use in Hawaiian luaus. The elephant ears have been in cultivation for over 28,000 years India, China, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, the Mediterranean, Africa and South America.


 IV. A Beautiful Mess- DIY Textured Woven Pillow

So we’ve had friend crushes on A Beautiful Mess for a long time


V. DIY Home Decor

So another great project from our girls at A Beautiful Mess. This one is fun to get the family or kiddos on too! Make an ugly washer or refrigerator into a fun design piece. Have fun!


Last full day here in the office with the lovely Zesters!

Signing off with lots of love.



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